About us

Camden-street.com is an alternative clothing marketplace dedicated to underground culture.
We offer all our products at factory prices or preferential prices.

We refer major manufacturers and brands of alternative fashion clothing.
Discover a wide selection of clothes and accessories : punk, rock, goth,
emo, rockabilly, steampunk, metal, retro, vintage, Pin Up and many more...

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We work directly with manufacturers and brands.

Thanks to this partnership, we can offer you to buy most of their products at factory prices!
Up to 50% savings compared to the price in shops!

Why ?
Usually, between the manufacturer and the customer, each of the intermediaries (importers, wholesalers, shops ...) weighs down the bill.
And when you pay, it's you, the buyer, who pays for it.

At Camden-street.com, no stock, no shop, no intermediary.
Unnecessary costs are removed. Brands offer their products at wholesale prices.
Your order is received directly by the manufacturer and our team requests a delivery of the product to your home without any intermediate step.

Please note that in return, the delivery time may be longer, usually a fortnight, because your product comes directly from the place of manufacture.

Why are we doing this?

Beyond saving money, at Camden-street.com, we have a way of thinking and a goal
that we want to defend: we believe above all that we must limit intermediaries,
for an important and essential reason: our ecological impact.

The fashion sector is the second most polluting business in the world because
the products you usually find in stores travel a lot,
and are not necessarily bought!

From the manufacturer to the retailer, this generates a great deal
amount of pollution related to transport and packaging.

With Camden-street.com, your product goes directly
from the manufacturing workshop to your home, so you decrease, too,
the impact of your consumption on the planet.

Stop taking your car to buy products that have gone around the world before landing in your wardrobe, change the way you consume ... and save money!

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